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Children Clinic Wednesday 4th & 11th April from 9am-1pm *New Patients Welcome*

Children Clinic Wednesday 4th & 11th April from 9am-1pm *New Patients Welcome*

BALL TREE DENTAL CARE HELPS STOP TOOTH DECAY IN CHILDREN Our Kids Days are just one of the ways we help parents and children, look after their teeth. The statistics for England are disturbing – there has been a 24% increase in tooth extractions in children aged under 4 in the last decade. This is against a population increase of only 16%.

Multiple extractions are traumatic for anyone and particularly young children. Set this against the fact that this is largely avoidable by teaching (and ensuring) that children eat and drink less sugary foods. Ball tree Dental care organises regular Kids Days as they know it encourages parents to bring their children in to the Practice as children are the whole focus on these days.

A checkup is provided for each child, time in the dental chair and the chance to familiarise with the surroundings. Setting good habits at a young age will encourage re-attendance for regular checkups.

As well as a check-up, a ‘Walk-in Oral Health Educator’ is available, in another surgery, all day. They answer any questions children or parents may have and demonstrate good brushing techniques.

Children always love to try a disclosure tablet – this is completely harmless vegetable dye which highlights where plaque is on the teeth.

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